The Shipyard

Droppin’ Anchor at the Shipyard-

An old fisherman’s boat hangs from the ceiling, christmas lights line the wooden craft casting a blue glow onto a floor of solid concrete; a space large enough for at least 50 people. Along one wall, a series of mattresses stand on end to drown out the sound of live music. On the other side, two black monitors flank the house’s drum kit amongst other sound equipment and instruments. Just outside the garage, in the back is a basketball court and large wooden deck area (the poop deck) perfect for a quick break and some fresh air.

What started as a practice space for local indie-pop band The 51 Cards, is now an established all-ages house venue appropriately named, The Shipyard. Rich Macey, The 51 Cards bass player and a tenant of the house, said the decision to open up the garage as a venue was simple.

“We saw we had the space and we thought that this might be a good way to make use of it,” – Macey

Macey, an Arcata local, said that the trouble with most house shows in humboldt county is that they are either poorly promoted or start too late because very few people show up on time.

With that said, let’s put The Shipyard on the map and try our best to stay on course!

Kind of Venue: House (Garage/Backyard Deck)

Pros: Independent, All-Ages & All Genres, Non-Profit (donation-based), PA system provided

Cons: Residential (meaning shows start on time and go no later than midnight!!!)

Dimensions: ???

Rich Macey (707) 599-8891


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