The Batcave

Embrace the cold dark forest at the Batcave

Entering the long narrow hallway lined with long sheets of construction paper that forms waves decorating the sea themed walls, a chandelier hangs in the entrance, and then you enter another room that is dark and ominous with a ceiling full of small cutout bats. This room could easily fit about a 40 to 50 people, there are faux trees made with real branches behind couches that give the place a real ‘koze’ feel. Essentially you’re in someone’s living room, but it just seems to capture the good ole’ aesthetic house shows usually have. Along the side of this living room is a huge window that looks out to the massive backyard. A small porch for kicking back lines the backyard, good ‘nuff to take a break from the stuffiness of the crowd.

After a couple of years running, “The Black Forest Batcave Under the Sea” (aka The Batcave) had experienced its first hiatus. After the roommates running the local DIY venue decided to move the next tenants decided they would not be receiving the torch and run the venue. Andrew Anderson, previous and now present founder, moved back into the house fueling the artistic expression that the venue now has to offer.


Kind of Venue: Non-Profit; All Ages

Pros: Industrial and Commercial area (virtually/almost no noise complaints)

Cons: Not yet a defined house venue, expect changes

Dimensions: ???



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