Blondie’s Food and Drink is a unique venue. It features a selection of food items, wide variety of beer options, a foosball table, a stage, and most importantly, a friendly atmosphere.

Some even call it an “institution” to Arcata. It is located on the same street as the HSU campus so it radiates a “college-kid hang out vibe”

The acts that play at Blondie’s are very diverse. It ranges from open mic performers to signed artists.

Type of Venue: Non profit Family vibe on commercial space. Very welcoming

Pros: Friendly. Always has something happening.  Non profit, so there is no cover charge (unless the band itself instills one, which is rare)

Cons: Unpredictable ( a wide range of genres play at this venue). Layout is long and narrow so it can get pretty packed.

Stage Dimensions: fairly small. Rough 6”x10″ However, once they get enough open-mic donation money they will upgrade. A new stage is “next on their list” of upgrades.

P.A. System Provided ? : Yes! They just got a new P.A system and there is no fee to use it 🙂

Location: 420 E California Ave, Arcata, CA 95521

Contact: 707.822.3453 You can book a gig through any of the workers.

*Note to booking agents: Blondie’s books gigs on a first-come-first serve bases, So try to book a month or more in advance. Also Blondie’s does not provide advertising for any bands so if you want to “pack the house” so to speak you need to do independent advertising for the show!

By Sam King



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