INTERVIEW with Christian Hower of Gnome Ranger

The Lost Coast Crew got together to chat with the talented mind behind Gnome Ranger celebrating their upcoming EP release on Plastic Jurassic. The following meeting took place on a mid-February night after shambling around looking for Christian’s place. 1488975_1394550384148552_1715623327_nAdmist are topics of arrogant Jim Morrison, clichés ofclichés, and a briefmention of an upcoming vinyl release of Gnome Ranger’s currently unnamed ep (being released through Plastic Jurassic). I transcribed the following from a handheld recorder that Benji operated. Christian’s apartment was simple and appropriately strewn with clothes, recording equipment, a small painting from a recently passed away, reclusive uncle in Arizona, and musical instruments (bass, guitar, mini synth, and other necessities). I’m sitting on a drummers throne, Benji is seated on the floor, and Christian is lounging in a black rolling chair when the recording button presses play. Benji and Christian have known each other previous to this meeting, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. His roommate is playing Salad Days in the other room.

Click here ↵ to read the rest of the Interview


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