Interview with DREAMLAND creator: Ryan James Coyle


Ryan James Coyle is the genius behind one of the coolest touring Flea Markets around! Apart from writing music for his band The Zermatts, Coyle has been investing time and effort into his first child, Dreamland. Coyle ensures a good time, every time, in his growing in popularity pop-up event providing communities with some of the coolest local and touring artists around.  What is Dreamland, you may ask? Well it’s the one and only touring night time flea market and rock and roll parties of it’s kind!  After 10 consecutive years of throwing Dreamland events in Los Angeles, Coyle finally brought Dreamland to Arcata.

Click here for the full interview  

Coyle is bringing it back again this April 2nd, at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, with headliners Tomorrows Tulips:

Here was Dreamland 11, in the Veteran’s Memorial Building, filmed by me:


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