Very excited for this show tomorrow night at the Farmhouse, Netherfriends and Chipper Jones

My band Dahi Lola will be opening up the show. Come enjoy Netherfriends, the talented multi-instrumentalist that is also a looping pro and apparently has some killer dance moves.

-Benji đŸ˜‰

Here’s the event info:

(mid-fi psychedelic pop)

“Netherfriends is Shawn Rosenblatt. He is always on tour and releases music like it’s the end of the world. He finished a year long project of writing and recording a song and performing in all 50 states. When he performs live he uses 2 loop pedals and various instruments. He tries his best to dance like James Brown. ”

(ambient rock, post-rock)


The FarmHouse -1387 Janes Rd

Doors @ 7
Music @ 7:30 (tryna be done by 11pm)

$5 bux donation for touring bands


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